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Jonah Hex (2010) Under-viewed, Under-Loved

May 12, 2013

I finally got to see this film last night and I will say upfront that, despite having “toe-thumb” and plastically enhanced Megan Fox in it, I kind of liked it. Of course there was a slim chance that I would as it has three of my favourite actors in it; Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, and… Read More ›


Repeaters (2010): Groundhog Day Hell

What would you do if you had a chance to relive just one day over and over? Try to change your destiny? Change the world? Change your life? In a 24 hour rewind you wouldn’t think that there would be a huge opportunity to change very much. Three “twenty-somethings” find out just how life changing a… Read More ›

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012): The Beautiful and the Bland

I finally resigned myself to watching Snow White and the Huntsman tonight. At the price of £4.59 for an HD download via PS3 store, I thought, ‘Why not?’ Before I go into the who’s who list about the film, I would like to go on record as saying  the movie looked beautiful. The locations, the… Read More ›

Paul (2011): Glimpses of Greatness

I really wanted to love this film. I’ve been a fan of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost since Shaun of the Dead. I didn’t see them work together on the hysterically funny Spaced television show until after I’d seen their ZomRomCom. I am also a huge fan of Seth Rogan. I also adore Sigourney Weaver…. Read More ›

Zathura (2005) A Pale Jumanji

I waited seven years to watch Zathura.  In the 2005 trailer they showed a little kid asking, “What do they eat?” Dax Shepard says, “Meat.” Little kid, “That’s good.” Shepard, “Dude, you’re meat.” For some reason that particular exchange struck me as hysterically funny. Surely, I thought, a film with dialogue that funny is going to… Read More ›

The Orphanage (2007): Peter Pan Darkly

What do you do when you want to watch the latest Guillermo del Toro film and there’s nothing new to watch?  Do the next best thing and watch  a film produced by del Toro and directed by his protégée. Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona as his first feature film, he must have done something right, because he’s just… Read More ›

Film-making, the Times They are A-Changing. Monsters 2010

I just finished reading an interesting blog post from Africa is a Country  http://africasacountry.com/2012/07/16/five-alternative-filmmaking-collectives/. Although the post dealt with a specific set of films, it made me think of how film-making has changed over-all. Everything is digital – with the advancements made on the digital front a lot of ‘new’ films are being shot entirely on… Read More ›

Trollhunter (2010): Trolls aren’t Just on the Internet

Written and directed by André Øvredal,  Troll Hunter is a cracking good film and it is André Øvredal’s second feature length film. Made on a budget of 3.5 million dollars, it made just over that on it’s theatrical release. The film is a brilliant blend of Norwegian fairy tales and social satire. Considering the small budget the computer generated effects are… Read More ›


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