After injuring my back at work over three weeks ago, I am starting to feel a little bit like a zombie. Between the medication and the pain, I have become an almost monosyllabic creature. I rarely say a full sentence. I usually respond to queries and conversational starters with little more than a grunt. I’m not only suffering from almost total anti-social tendencies, but I’m also starting to move a little bit like one of the un-dead.

When I walk, I shamble.


I don’t lift my feet off the floor, I shuffle them. I also lack a lot of fluidity in my movements. If I were to catch a glimpse of myself “walking” down an alleyway at night, I’d flee screaming in the other direction. If I could flee that is.

The only thing I haven’t started doing is developing a taste for human flesh or brains. I do not start drooling uncontrollably when confronted with a “normal” living person.

What I have been doing is playing Modern Warfare 3 almost non-stop. I have not been answering my friends requests to join them in the whole scale slaughter that is MW3. That would require talking and interacting in a real sense versus just anonymously joining a team and indiscriminately shooting anything that moves.  I hope they understand. I am not being anti-social just to be awkward. I am avoiding putting myself into a social situation that would require me to be “fun.” I don’t think I have that in me at the moment.

I am currently saving up all my social graces and my interaction skills for my grab-bag review on Sunday. I am hoping that editing will enable me to come across as normal. Well, as normal as one can be when reviewing Asian Horror cinema.

If all else fails, maybe I can do my new zombie impression.