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Melisa Sawtelle Exclusive Interview: On Her Way to Becoming the First Melisa Sawtelle(0)

March 14, 2014

Melisa Sawtelle Exclusive Interview: On Her Way to Becoming the First Melisa Sawtelle In this first local feature, where I meet and talk to local artists who are making waves in the business, we’ll meet 16 year-old Melissa Sawtelle who is on her way to becoming the “first” Melisa Sawtelle and she agreed to give… Read More ›

Thor: The Dark World Not Too Dark (Review)

Thor: The Dark World Not Too Dark (Review) With the release date of the blu-ray and DVD of this film looming ever closer – the official date is February 25 – it seems a good time to have another look at this newest tale of the Asgardian hero with a big hammer; Thor: the Dark World takes… Read More ›

Miley Cyrus MTV Halloween Costume a Hit with Celebrities

Miley Cyrus MTV Halloween Costume a Hit with Celebrities Right now, if you are a female in Hollywood, a Miley Cyrus MTV Halloween costume is a hit with celebrities who want to be seen as culturally and topically aware. It appears that Cyrus did more than cause a storm of controversy with her MTV VMA… Read More ›

My Summer Vacation

My Summer Vacation: Acting and Adventure

The film I worked on this summer has now been made available for public viewing on Vimeo. It was filmed in July around Sidmouth, England with an intimate cast and crew. I worked with some brilliantly talented people and hopefully will work with them again. The experience was another life changer for me. I had… Read More ›

Dream Home (2011): A Pleasant Surprise

Dream House (2011): A Pleasant Surprise

The 2011 film Dream House was a pleasant surprise. I had no real intention of watching the film as the marketing on it left a lot to be desired.  But as it was on Sky Movies I decided to give it a go. I’m glad I did.  It turned into a pleasant surprise, despite the… Read More ›

Ben Johnson

The Nicest Fella: The Life of Ben Johnson by Richard D Jensen – Last of the Cowboys

Published in 2010, The Nicest Fella is about one of the last of the cowboys. Ben Johnson was not just a “screen” cowboy, he was the real deal. Growing up in Oklahoma  Son, as he was known to family and friends, earned his spurs on the back of a horse before doing so on screen…. Read More ›


2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams Worst Film Ever

I do realise that  branding 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams as the worst film ever leaves me open to all kinds of arguments. I will take the chance of having other people’s candidates for that “honour” thrown in my face, but, it is worth the risk.  It is very seldom that I find a film… Read More ›


Casualties of the Entertainment Business

When I was growing up there was an old saying in my house about celebrities always dying in threes. I doubt that the idea was exclusive to my small household, as I’ve heard variations on that particular theme elsewhere.  But the idea of celebrities (spelt actors or movie stars) dying in some sort of deathly… Read More ›

Dark Skies Oh Look It's an Alien...Again

Dark Skies 2013 Oh Look It’s Aliens…Again

Despite the mendacity of the trailers, Dark Skies is not a bad film. In another case where the marketing let the film down before it even opened, it isn’t too surprising that audiences did not get too carried away with a film that has been done before. It is almost a case of “Oh look!… Read More ›


Oblivion (2013) Surprisingly Good

With my busy schedule lately, I’ve been going through “new film” withdrawal. Fortuitously Playstation Store had Oblivion as an early release for the price of £14.99 (about $23). Despite my reservations, my desperation to see any new film made me purchase the film. Result? Surprisingly good and worth the exorbitant price of purchase. *Does it annoy anyone… Read More ›


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