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An English Village Highstreet – Old and New

April 9, 2013

In 1990 I came back to England after a four and a half-year stint in Holland. My then wife and I were amazed at how quickly the country had changed in such a short time. She was a “local” girl and we’d moved to a section of country that wasn’t her hometown. Back then the… Read More ›


Tokyo Hostess by Clare Campbell: Deviant Death

When I picked this book up at my local Library, I did so because the title rang a bell. Not the Tokyo Hostess part alone  but the prefacing statement above the title: The Shocking True Story… bit. It rang a bell because it was not too long ago that a young English girl who had… Read More ›


Bite: A Vampire Handbook by Kevin Jackson: Vampires 101

Published in 2009 Bite is a sort of chronicle of vampires for beginners. Jackson starts off by listing the various vampire myths throughout the world and points out that almost every civilization has their own version of vampires as well as unique names for the un-dead. Considering the fact that the book itself consists of… Read More ›


Blaming Violence on Video Games and Guns

Well it did not take long for someone to make a tenuous connection between the Sandy Hook Shootings and video game violence. The Independent (one of the less tabloid-like newspapers in the UK) featured the following headlines on their website: Adam Lanza: A head full of video games and a house full of guns Journalist… Read More ›


Sandy Hook Shootings: the Un-Reality of Violence

In one of the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author Edna Buchanan‘s books she (The Corpse had a Familiar Face, Vice, et al) wrote about a shootout at one of Miami‘s larger shopping malls in the 80’s. “The only people who screamed and ducked for cover were the cops. Everyone else thought that an episode… Read More ›

Of Foetuses and Fantasy

I know I said that I wouldn’t write any more about my event on the 30th of August this year, but, I did leave myself  the ‘out’ of tacking the word maybe on the end of the declaration. Just as well. I sort of felt when I was released from the hospital last Tuesday. that… Read More ›

200 Pounds Beauty (2006): Life in Plastic, it’s Fantastic

Directed by Yong-hwa Kim (who also co-wrote the screenplay with three others) 200 Pounds Beauty (Minyeo-neun goerowo) is a ‘feel good romantic comedy’ that really hits the spot. We had seen a trailer for this film about four years ago. It was on a Tartan Extreme DVD and it looked funny as hell. Unfortunately we could not… Read More ›

The back of the reception desk and bar.

Urban Exploration: The Abandoned Hotel – Just A Coffee Break Away

*DO TO THE FACT THAT THIS HOTEL VISIT WAS NOT OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED, I HAVE NOT GIVEN THE NAME OR THE LOCATION. BUT, FOR THE CURIOUS, IT IS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM.* **This has been posted because of the interest generated by my other post about Urban Exploration. Time will tell if this is a popular… Read More ›

Neil Armstrong (August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012) Gone But Never Forgotten

I was sad to hear that Neil Armstrong died yesterday. He was a true American hero and pioneer. He will be missed but he will live on in the history books of the world as the man who walked on the moon and said those iconic words as he planted the American flag on the… Read More ›


Urban Exploration: Off Limits Curiosity Can Kill

I was going to talk about a film I watched last night. The 2011 film URBEX aka Urban Explorer was directed by Andy Fetsher and distributed by German distributor Universum.  It is about a group of five young people who go through previously sealed tunnels underneath Berlin. I quite enjoyed it and will be reviewing… Read More ›


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