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All Good Things (2010): A Stranger in Disguise

March 14, 2013

Despite the name change, All Good Things is a fictionalised account of property tycoon Robert Durst who killed his next-door neighbour while he was living incognito as a mute woman. Proving that truth is indeed stranger than fiction, Durst’s wife disappeared mysteriously over 31 years ago and the only other person who might have known… Read More ›


The Tragic Case of James Bulger; Indecent Justice

On February 12 1993, 2-year-old James ‘Jamie’ Bulger was lead away by two 10-year-old lads while his mother paid for some chops for their tea. Two days later, his severed body was found on train tracks. He’d been savagely beaten and tortured and then as he was dying, he had been laid on the ¬†tracks… Read More ›


Tokyo Hostess by Clare Campbell: Deviant Death

When I picked this book up at my local Library, I did so because the title rang a bell. Not the Tokyo Hostess part alone ¬†but the prefacing statement above the title: The Shocking True Story… bit. It rang a bell because it was not too long ago that a young English girl who had… Read More ›


The President’s New Gun Control Bill or Sandy Hook Re-visited

So the President has submitted for our consideration a new gun control bill. Just looking at the bare essentials being presented via the internet I don’t really see why the NRA has taken the automatic (pun intended) stance of deriding the Presidents bill. In case you’ve missed it the bill sets up banning automatic weapons,… Read More ›


Cannibals by Jimmy Lee Shreeve: Biting the Hand that Feeds You

Published in 2008 the long title of the book is: Cannibals True Stories Of The Horrifying Killers Who Feast On Human Flesh. As if the actual short title of cannibals was not descriptive enough. If you are interested enough you can go to Jimmy’s website http://www.jimmyleeshreeve.com/ where it will tell you that: “Cult author and… Read More ›


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