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Michael West's The Wide Game

The Wide Game by Michael West Released as EBook Plus Interview

October 4, 2013

Today I am very excited to welcome back author Michael West! He is one of my favourite masters of horror and I cannot say how pleased I am to have him on my blog again. Michael’s book, The Wide Game, is now being released in eBook format and that means it will be even more… Read More ›

Joe Hill carrying on the family tradition

NOS4R2 aka NOS4A2, by Joe Hill: Family Tradition

Had it not been my birthday, I never would have read NOS4R2 by Joe Hill. Firstly, because I’d never heard of it and secondly, because I’d never heard of him. But there is a family tradition in the Smith household. Every year on my birthday, my daughter buys me the latest Stephen King novel. It… Read More ›


Burning the Middle Ground by L Andrew Cooper A Battle for Control

Written by L Andrew Cooper and published by Blackwyrm Publishing, Burning Middle Ground is a supernatural cum horror cum occult novel. Featuring a religious zealot that will make you think immediately of that Westboro bunch, the book disturbs as much as it scares. The book’s prologue deals with the murder/suicide of and entire family sans one,… Read More ›

Vampires don't Sparkle

Guest Post from Author Tim Waggoner

Tim Waggoner Author of What Once Was Flesh From the Anthology Collection of Michael West’s Vampires Don’t Sparkle Guest Post The Genesis of “What Once Was Flesh” “Where do you get your ideas?” is the most common question writers are asked. (Followed closely by “Do you know Stephen King/Stephenie Myer/J.K. Rowling?” and “How much do… Read More ›


Dead Room by Chris Mooney Marvellous McCormick

  This CSI Darby McCormick’s third outing, the first two being The Missing and Secret Friend. I am thrilled to make her acquaintance as I think she is a marvellous protagonist and one of the best female role models I’ve met in fiction today. Darby McCormick is tough, gritty, uncomplaining, extremely smart and very good at… Read More ›


Perfect Flaw Edited by Robin Blankenship

This science fiction anthology has tales from 17 different authors and despite the stories all being unique and interesting; not to mention very entertaining, they have one thing in common. They indicate a future that makes 1984 and “big brother” seem almost benevolent by comparison. Each offer a vision of an Apollonian society gone wrong,… Read More ›


Southern Haunts: Spirits That Walk Among Us Down South Spooks

Edited by Alexander S. Brown and  J. L. Mulvihill; illustrated by Robert K and published by Seventh Star Press, this anthology of 16 ghostly tales range from Missouri to Louisiana and use real life locations to start each story off. While some of the stories are not as entertaining as others, the introduction to new authors… Read More ›

Author Larry Underwood.

Thirteen for 13 an Introduction to Larry Underwood’s Short Fiction

I made the acquaintance of Mr Underwood on Facebook via mutual friends (like you do) and I noticed the other day that he’d gotten one of his stories, an excellent piece of Western horror flash-fiction, promoted by Amazon.com as a limited freebie. I love free anything and I immediately shot over to the Amazon sellers and found… Read More ›


The Crossings by Jack Ketchum: A Genre Blending Western

If the name Jack Ketchum sounds familiar, you might have seen one of the three films adapted from his books – Red, The Girl Next Door or The Woman. The award-winning Ketchum (real name Dallas Mayr) has been praised by no less than Stephen King who ranks the man very highly in the world of horror literature…. Read More ›


True Haunting by Edwin F Becker: Hair Raising Experience

As Author Edwin F Becker points out, there were no Ghost Hunters a la TAPS in 1970. There was also no Amityville horror; at least not until 1977 when Jay Anson put pen to paper and wrote about the “alleged” ghostly problems of the Lutz family in the house where an entire family sans one… Read More ›


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