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G I Joe: Retaliation (2013) and Don’t Forget G I Jane(s)

July 24, 2013

As the follow-up to the 2009 film G I Joe: Rise of the Cobra, Retaliation works extremely well. Was the plot daft? Yes. Was the storyline so far removed from reality that it staggered the mind? Again the answer has to be yes. Was it good to see G I Jane(s)? Affirmative. Did the film… Read More ›


Bullet to the Head (2013) Escapist Fun in New Orleans

After the abysmal reviews that Bullet to the Head got from critics, I was tempted to give the film a miss, I finally succumbed to my own curiosity however and found the film to be a bit of escapist fun set in New Orleans. This 2012 film was very enjoyable and worth the time it… Read More ›

The Last Stand Movie Poster

The Last Stand (2013) The Western Revisited

Despite the poor reviews that this film has garnered, I could not wait to see it. I wanted to see it in the cinema, but due to low viewing figures, by the time I could see it, it’s run in the theatres had finished. This film felt like a reworking of two “classic” westerns. High… Read More ›


Jonah Hex (2010) Under-viewed, Under-Loved

I finally got to see this film last night and I will say upfront that, despite having “toe-thumb” and plastically enhanced Megan Fox in it, I kind of liked it. Of course there was a slim chance that I would as it has three of my favourite actors in it; Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, and… Read More ›


Ip Man 2 (2010): Continuing the Tale

Directed again by Wilson Yip (for the last time in the series) Ip Man 2 continues the tale of Ip Man and his rise to worldwide fame. There have been less complaints about the film makers “frugality” with actual events this time around. Picking up where Ip Man finished, the film takes place in Hong… Read More ›

Shaolin Soccer And 5 Other Completely Bonkers Martial Art Movies

Shaolin Soccer And 5 Other Completely Bonkers Martial Art Movies.


Ip Man (2008): Donnie Yen’s Masterful Performance

It is not often that a film benefits from having not just one legend, but two associated with it. Ip Man has two. Starring the legendary Donnie Yen in what is quite possibly his best role ever and featuring choreography by the legendary Sammo Hung. (Who when asked how he was going to work with Yen… Read More ›


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005): A Gay Buddy Film

After being told by numerous people (well, two at least) that Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was a dynamite film that showed implicitly that Shane Black was an awesome director before Iron Man 3, I decided to watch it. Especially after seeing a clip from the film that featured Val Kilmer, Robert Downey Jr and Evan Parke… Read More ›


Devils of War (2013): Get Ze Cliche

Written and directed by Eli Dorsey, Devils of War is his first feature film. One can only hope that he has learned his lesson with this film and either changes his career choice or makes a better feature film next time. Starring Sunt Coordinator/stuntman Jerry L Buxbaum as the “legendary” leader of a four man… Read More ›


Iron Man 3 Downey Rocks and Paltrow Pops

I was supposed to go see Oblivion today. My daughter Meg insisted that it would be money well spent because Tom Cruise shines in the film. But when facing the fact that Iron Man 3 was showing as well, it was no contest. That and the fact that Max (Meg’s significant other) was super excited about… Read More ›


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