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Month: October 2012

This Week at the Movies, Yawn…

Okay.You can call me old, jaded, and down-right hard to impress, but… Looking at the selection of movies that IMDb is offering up on their homepage is pretty depressing. Not to mention unimpressive. First on the list of “Wait till you see this” is A Good Day to Die Hard. Now I will stand right… Read More ›

War of the Dead (2007) (2008) (2011)

This American, Italian, and Lithuanian film almost didn’t make it to the public. Made in 2007, edited in 2008 and “dead-in-the-water” until 2011 due to financial difficulties, it’s a shame that with such a checkered past the film isn’t very good. If you look at the timing of the film, it’s obvious that the producers… Read More ›

Chernobyl Diaries (2012): Het (‘Nyet’) Спасибо (‘spah-see-bah’)

Written by Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity) who also adapted the story for the screen with Carey and Shane Van Dyke (sons of Dick Van Dyke) and directed by Bradley Parker (better known for visual effects) Chernobyl Diaries started off with signs of a promisingly good film. Unfortunately this promise soon vanished when the film turned… Read More ›


Thirty Thousand Plus…Thanks WordPress!

I have said before that I’d started this blogging lark back in 2010 but did not really start blogging until 2011 in November. I moved over to WordPress at the very tail end of  May this year. Since then my views have grown and grown. Today I’ve gone over the 30,000 view mark and I’m… Read More ›

The Other Boot Dropped…

So I go to my “follow-on” appointment with the surgeon who saved my life. After a little small talk about how I was feeling and about how rude my works doctors were being, he cut to the chase. He informed me that the operation I’d gone through was a bit more dramatic than I had… Read More ›

Michael Grant’s Gone Series Book Number 5 and Counting

Wow. That one little word says exactly how I feel about Michael Grant‘s series about a group of Southern California teens who are trapped in a Dionysian apocalyptic world by a giant bubble that has been created by a 5-year-old autistic demi-god. I read the first book in the series in August of this year. I was… Read More ›

Too Much Introspection or Me, Me, Me

It is not often that I can have an instant epiphany while reading a blog post. It is even less likely for me to have one when reading a Freshly Pressed post. I had one this morning though. I won’t mention the  post by name or even by subject. You may be able to guess… Read More ›


Healthy Heart Lasagne or Tastes Good & Good For You

If these pictures look a little fuzzy or a bit out of focus, it’s because I was weak from hunger while we labored our way through the first of my ‘healthy heart’ meals that were on my new FLORA proactiv (cholesterol lowering butter replacement) recipe booklet. Out of all the recipes listed, the Winter Vegetable Lasagna… Read More ›

Cyber-world Celebrities

I first started blogging on a semi-regular basis on the 11th of November 2011 over on Blogger.com. I did my first ever blog post a year before that. I have changed my blog site twice and now I call WordPress.com my blogging home. I also started my first YouTube Channel way back in 2007 mainly… Read More ›


I was wandering through the local Waterstones this morning to see what new books might be on-sale or worth paying that extra ‘bob’ or two for if not on-sale. I was really killing time while I waited for my business appointment time of two o’clock. I took the escalator upstairs and after browsing through my… Read More ›


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