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Ghost Game poster

Ghost Game aka Laa-thaa-phii (2006) Thai Reality TV Horror


Ghost Game, or Laa-thaa-phii, its original title, is a great concept. Set in the world of Thai reality TV where horror meets greed and a group of 11 wannabes, the winner(s) have to spend a pre-ordained amount of time in a haunted Khmer Rouge prison and those who make it to the end will win… Read More ›

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Chasing Cinema


Chasing Cinema.   Jacob and I talk film, Annie, Foxcatcher, Wild and The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies.

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Predators 2010: Get to the Spaceship…

(22) 010113_1244_Predators201.jpg

Okay, so I decided to ring in the changes of the New Year by having a mini-movie-marathon. It all started with catching the still amazing Jurassic Park on television. That put me in the mood for movies I had not seen in a while. So I popped in Predators and the Blu-ray special edition of… Read More ›

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Action Films Equal Bodybuilding

(7) Scene from Blade

Things have changed in the action film world, to the extent that these types of movies equal a bodybuilding extravaganza for the actors involved. Take, for example, the Blade trilogy (1, 2 and 3) where in the last DVD  “Blade Trinity,” special features, the actors all talk about the inordinate amount of time spent weight… Read More ›

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Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger: Sales Manual…

(8) 010513_1623_TotalRecall1.jpg

I only bought this book because it was on sale at Tesco’s for eight pounds. To be honest, I was going to buy it at nine pounds, I only found out about the additional savings at the till. Co-written with author Peter Petre Total Recall is, at 624 pages (I do not include the index… Read More ›

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Eddie Murphy in Richard Pryor Biopic

(0) Lee Daniels and Eddie Murphy Instagram

Lee Daniels is working hard to find that perfect cast for his upcoming Richard Pryor biopic as The Butler director is in talks with Eddie Murphy to be in the film. Thus far, Daniels has pulled in some big names to star in this much needed film about one of the funniest, and original comics… Read More ›

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation/Get the Gringo (2012) VoD

(11) Unknown

Written by Mel Gibson, Stacy Perskie,  and Adrain Grunberg – who also directed the film – How I Spent My Summer Vacation or Get the Gringo was a “straight-to-Video-on-Demand” project that Gibson claimed was done because, “We’re just in a different era. Many people just like to see things in their homes….I think it’s the future.”… Read More ›

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X-Cross (2007): Good Time Horror Film


While I was on the comedy horror train with my last review of Lobos de Arga (can you tell that I love that film) I thought of another rib tickling comedy J-horror. X-Cross. Now X-Cross or XX or (ekusu kurosu): makyô densetsu [original title] were all made in 2007, because they are the same film! Get… Read More ›

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Carriers (2009): The World Ends with a Cough

(8) Unknown

As apocalyptic films go, this offering from the writing and directing duo of David and Alex Pastor is pretty damned good. In case you’re wondering why their names sound so familiar, it’s probably because they gave us the film Splinter as well as a few other gruesome films. I do mean gruesome in a “good”… Read More ›

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Ip Man 2 (2010): Continuing the Tale

(12) Unknown

Directed again by Wilson Yip (for the last time in the series) Ip Man 2 continues the tale of Ip Man and his rise to worldwide fame. There have been less complaints about the film makers “frugality” with actual events this time around. Picking up where Ip Man finished, the film takes place in Hong… Read More ›

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Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975): Oblivion in the Outback

(4) 012513_1320_PicnicatHan1.jpg

Directed by Peter Weir (The Cars that Ate Paris) and adapted for the screen by Cliff Green from the book written by Joan Lindsay. The film has the “unofficial” title of being Australia’s most loved film and it was a critic’s favourite when it opened in 1975. It has since risen to a cult favourite…. Read More ›

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Uninhabited (2010): No Love for this Film

(7) 022113_1128_Uninhabited1.jpg

Every once in a while you find a film that for some reason has invited lots of vitriol to be heaped upon it. Uninhabited is one of those films. If you type the name into your Google search engine you’ll see what I mean. But, come on guys. Is it really that bad? I’ve reviewed… Read More ›

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Dogs in the Desert: Not Just for Retired Folks

(8) Pit Bulls

I used to think that the English cornered the market on pets and total devotion to animals. Since living back in the USA and specifically in the desert, it seems that the pet of choice is canine in nature. Man’s best friend is not just for the multitudes of retired folks who live here either…. Read More ›

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J K Simmons Best Supporting Actor…Really?

(8) J K Smmons

It is trending right now on Facebook, “J K Simmons wins Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Whiplash.” Really? I watched that film, loved it, and when that time came around for all the critics to vote, I chose Simmons for the Best Actor award. A long discussion ensued where I explained my rationale for picking… Read More ›

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HAUNTED The Ghosts that Share Our World by John Pinkney

(7) Author John Pinkney.

HAUNTED is the type of ghostly chronicle that permeated my teen years. After experiencing several “events” that could not be satisfactorily explained, I became obsessed with reading every ghost tale I could get my hands on. I became a devout fan of the writings of Elliot O’Donnell, Ghost Hunter extraordinaire. Of course years later I… Read More ›

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Boston Marathon Explosions the Boogeyman Strikes

(14) Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 21.45.56

As I sat down to write a blog post last night, I saw a “push” come up on my Facebook wall. It was from an old colleague who stated that he hoped his family in Boston were okay. Curiosity piqued, I asked him what was going on and while waiting for a response I typed… Read More ›

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Three Bad Men John Ford, John Wayne, Ward Bond by Scott Allen Nollen

(18) IMG_0075

Growing up all three of these men were an integral part of my childhood. Specifically John “Pappy” Ford in the cinemas and of course John Wayne ‘Duke’ and Ward Bond as well, but Mr Bond had the added distinction of being in my folks’ living rooms each week as Major Seth Adams, in Wagon Train…. Read More ›

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Jackpot (2011): Brilliant Black Comedy

(0) Unknown

Written and directed by Magnus Martens and based on a story by Jo Nesbø, Jackpot is a hysterically funny film about the lack of honour among criminals and how one innocent man gets caught up in almost more than he can handle. The film opens with two men in a police interviewing room in the Ostfold Police Station…. Read More ›

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Iron Man 3 Downey Rocks and Paltrow Pops

(43) images

I was supposed to go see Oblivion today. My daughter Meg insisted that it would be money well spent because Tom Cruise shines in the film. But when facing the fact that Iron Man 3 was showing as well, it was no contest. That and the fact that Max (Meg’s significant other) was super excited about… Read More ›

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Happy Anniversary: Has It Really Been Three Years?

(17) Author's photo 2013

Sitting here recovering from being forced off the road on my bicycle Tuesday, my Internet came up briefly to show I’d gotten a trophy from WordPress. My connection then disappeared for hours so I hobbled around and did dishes and continued to put frozen vegetables on my swollen legs and ankles. Later, it came up… Read More ›

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NOS4R2 aka NOS4A2, by Joe Hill: Family Tradition

(4) Joe Hill carrying on the family tradition

Had it not been my birthday, I never would have read NOS4R2 by Joe Hill. Firstly, because I’d never heard of it and secondly, because I’d never heard of him. But there is a family tradition in the Smith household. Every year on my birthday, my daughter buys me the latest Stephen King novel. It… Read More ›

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The Inbetweeners to be Remade in US. Really??


The Inbetweeners is quintessentially English. Like never ending cups of tea and scones with cream and jam or cricket. It specialises in that brand of British humour that is not afraid to poke fun at the English way of life and have a good laugh while doing it. The show is another of those ‘young… Read More ›

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The Seasoning House (2012) Dramatic Directorial Debut

(12) The Seasoning House

In the 2012 film, The Seasoning House, first time director Paul Hyett comes out of his corner swinging with this dramatic directorial debut. The film has been classed as horror, and in most viewers eye it is, but it is more of a tense drama, filled with enough suspense and unease to keep you uncomfortably… Read More ›

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Hot Fuzz: Shaun of the Dead Remix?

(0) Danny, Nicholas and two cornets

Now that the Cornetto trilogy has come to an end, it is a little saddening to watch the trio of  films. Starting with Shaun of the Dead, moving to Hot Fuzz and ending with The World’s End the latter two can be seen as  remixes of the first yet, despite that lump in the throat,… Read More ›

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Four Letter Word Misery


I was just re-reading the last What Makes a Post Freshly Press-able: Bacon In a Toaster and at one point in the article the question of four letter words came up. I was surprised. I mean, we are all adults here right? Now unless the words are so socially unacceptable (let’s face it a few are), like… Read More ›

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Of Flying Monkeys and Ruby Slippers


When I was about five or six, my parents let me stay up to watch the yearly Thanksgiving transmission of The Wizard of Oz. I was transfixed.  Of course in those days my folks could not afford a colour television, so I had to wait a few years to see the glorious technicolor  world of… Read More ›

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Twins Effect (2003) AKA Vampire Effect: Pop Goes the Vampire


Co-directed by Dante Lam, Donnie Yen, and starring Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi (from the Cantopop group Twins), Ekin Cheng, Edison Chen (The US Grudge 2) and Jackie Chan (in a brilliant cameo). The film was made to capitalise on the Twins popularity. The Twins Effect is an action/adventure/comedy. While the two girls were the main draw for the film, Donnie Yen asked Jackie… Read More ›

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Alice Sweet Alice aka Communion (1976): Bi-Centennial Bitchiness


The American Bicentennial saw a lot of celebrations dealing with the USA‘s 200th birthday. It also saw the release of one of the best horror films ever made. Some may argue the point, but Alice Sweet Alice continually makes the top ten of any “Scary Movies” list. The film is  remembered for being one of… Read More ›

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Gangnam Style: South Korean Music and Humour is a Winning Combo


I pretty much follow a routine with my blog. Before I even think of writing anything I read the blogs I follow (well skip read if truth be told, I follow a lot of blogs) and I always read the latest entries in the Freshly Pressed arena. I will admit a certain puzzlement as to why… Read More ›

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Lust, Money & Murder by Mike Wells

(7) Unknown

I was introduced to this book by the author Mike Wells via Twitter. After presenting me with a link to a free reading of his first of a new series, I eagerly jumped at the chance to meet a new author and his work. I was not disappointed. The book’s prologue sets the pace of… Read More ›

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The Lords of Salem (2012): Subtle Zombie

(10) Unknown

Heavy metal impresario Rob Zombie exploded on the movie scene with his first feature film House of a 1000 Corpses in 2003. Already a veteran behind the camera from directing his music videos, his first film (and his second) featured a lot of “heavy metal” montage shots and utilised an almost guerrilla style of film… Read More ›

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An English Village Highstreet – Old and New

(3) 20130409-154403.jpg

In 1990 I came back to England after a four and a half-year stint in Holland. My then wife and I were amazed at how quickly the country had changed in such a short time. She was a “local” girl and we’d moved to a section of country that wasn’t her hometown. Back then the… Read More ›

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Ray Harryhausen (June 29, 1920 – May 7, 2013) RIP

(2) Unknown

I remember seeing Jason and the Argonauts on television when I was young. The stop motion monsters and effects scared the bejeezus out of me. Years later when I was older and (I thought) more sophisticated, Clash of the Titans didn’t scare me, but it impressed the hell out of me. It was after a… Read More ›

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Old West Icon Faces Closure Flyover Pictures Hopes to Help

(0) Old West Icon Faces Closure Flyover Pictures Hopes to Help

The Pony Express was a short but vital part of the American West and the history books tell of a group of young men, boys really, who rode hard and fast against the elements, indian raids, bandits and all sorts of other challenges to get the mail to folks before the stages, telegraph and railroads… Read More ›

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Argo (2012): A Truth Stranger Than Fiction


Every once in awhile you hear about something that makes you breakout in gooseflesh at the audaciousness of the idea or story. Argo is that gooseflesh inducing item in question. Directed by and starring Ben Affleck, the film is about a time period in the world that changed my path forever. In November 1979 Iranians stormed the US Embassy… Read More ›

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Ghost Game aka Laa-thaa-phii (2006) Thai Reality TV Horror

(0) Ghost Game poster

Ghost Game, or Laa-thaa-phii, its original title, is a great concept. Set in the world of Thai reality TV where horror meets greed and a group of 11 wannabes, the winner(s) have to spend a pre-ordained amount of time in a haunted Khmer Rouge prison and those who make it to the end will win… Read More ›

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Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Coming Back

(19) Stolen from Nataha's blog!

Natasha Harmer is making an independent short film, I think we all know that by now; especially if you’ve been reading my blog. The film is called Once Bitten, Twice Shy and I have the lead role. This event has excited me beyond all measure. The profession I had turned my back on not once,… Read More ›

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Wreck-It Ralph (2013): 3Delightful Destruction

(9) Unknown

After much deliberation this afternoon, it was decided that my daughter, her boyfriend and I would watch Walt Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph (the 3D version) at the cinema. It was close though, I was holding out for A Good Day to Die Hard but after a little discussion about how Ralph was really a film for gamers, which… Read More ›

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Jonah Hex (2010) Under-viewed, Under-Loved

(24) Unknown-1

I finally got to see this film last night and I will say upfront that, despite having “toe-thumb” and plastically enhanced Megan Fox in it, I kind of liked it. Of course there was a slim chance that I would as it has three of my favourite actors in it; Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, and… Read More ›

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The Artist (2011): Nouvea Old


I will freely admit that I am not completely up on recent ‘silent films‘ or even silent films that are also in “Black and White.” The last modern silent film that I watched was Mel Brooks‘ 1976 Silent Movie. Now Mel didn’t opt to film his silent comedy in back and white (he’d done that… Read More ›

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Cowboy’s Girl Kickstarter Film Stars Tony Todd

(0) Cowboy's Girl Kickstarter Film Stars Tony Todd

Cowboy’s Girl is a Kickstarter short film that will star Tony Todd. The film is about a woman’s personal journey to find closure and answers in dealing with there absentee father. Cowboy, is the man in question and he has re-invented himself to fill the boots of an American western hero who watches out over… Read More ›

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The Taking (2013) BAPartists Update

(0) mv5bnjaznzgyntywof5bml5banbnxkftztcwnze0otu4oa-_v1_sx214_

Since I posted my review of BAPartists first feature length film The Taking and interviewed the extremely talented duo of Lydelle Jackson and Cezil Reed I’ve gotten an update from Lydelle about how their Sidney World Premiere of the movie went. The Taking premiered on the 13th of April at the A Night of Horror International Film Festival… Read More ›

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The Detective (2007): Pang Bros Noir


I am continually amazed and impressed by the Pang Brothers. Just when I think I’ve seen everything they’ve ever made, another gem and another genre of film pops up out of nowhere. Directed by Oxide Pang and produced/written by both the Pang Brothers, The Detective is film noir at it’s finest. Set in the back… Read More ›

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The Last of Robin Hood: DVD Review

(2) Still from The Last of Robin Hood

The Last of Robin Hood is out now on DVD and can be rented from Redbox, as well as other providers of both DVDs and streaming capability. This was a film I was desperate to see at the cinema. However, because of poor reception at screenings elsewhere, or due to the studio’s complete lack of… Read More ›

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Ravenous (1999) Food for Thought


The 1999 fim Ravenous stars Guy Pierce, Robert Carlyle and was directed, eventually, by Antonia Bird. It is a story of cannibalism, without the usual OTT shots of gore. It does have more than enough gore to satisfy the most vociferous “gore-hound” but it doesn’t meander into “Cannibal Holocaust” territory. The story focusses around Guy… Read More ›

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Door to Door Spam


On the days that I am not ‘returning to work’ I usually write or research articles (mainly Wikipedia) or read other blogs. This is on top of performing the many mundane tasks which face a single man who lives with his daughter. The list of mundane tasks include the daily maintenance required to keep your… Read More ›

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Silent Hill Revelation 3D (2012): by Michael Smith

(16) Unknown

I missed the 3D version of this film when it came out at the cinema. Which is a shame, as I think it would have looked even better than the 2D that I had to download via iTunes. Despite the lack of the 3D it was a surprisingly good sequel. Written and directed by Michael… Read More ›

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The Crossings by Jack Ketchum: A Genre Blending Western

(6) Unknown

If the name Jack Ketchum sounds familiar, you might have seen one of the three films adapted from his books – Red, The Girl Next Door or The Woman. The award-winning Ketchum (real name Dallas Mayr) has been praised by no less than Stephen King who ranks the man very highly in the world of horror literature…. Read More ›

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Southern Haunts: Spirits That Walk Among Us Down South Spooks

(2) 51exfcotZFL._AA160_

Edited by Alexander S. Brown and  J. L. Mulvihill; illustrated by Robert K and published by Seventh Star Press, this anthology of 16 ghostly tales range from Missouri to Louisiana and use real life locations to start each story off. While some of the stories are not as entertaining as others, the introduction to new authors… Read More ›

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Happy Heart Attack Anniversary…Almost

(10) Mugging at Kate!

As it gets closer to the one year anniversary of my heart attack and near-death experience, I find myself  in that state of cautious anticipation at night before sleep. The one where any little twinge in the chest or forearms – it was agonising pain in my forearms and hands that presaged my heart attack… Read More ›

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Kronks – The Native American Cannibals of Texas

(6) Unknown

I am reading Mike Cox‘s brilliant recounting of the Texas Rangers in his Wearing the Cinco Peso 1821  -1900 The Texas Rangers and I found, early on in the book,  a mention of the Karankawa Indian tribe. This tribe, was said to be a cannibal tribe of Indians that were greatly feared by everyone. They lived… Read More ›

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When a Stranger Calls (2006):Agonisingly Slow


I remember seeing the original of this film, the 1979 one with Carol Kane as part of one of those Drive-in Special features where you got three films for the price of one. Not too different from the $1.00 a car night where no matter how many hot and sweaty bodies you crammed in the… Read More ›

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My Summer Vacation: Acting and Adventure

(6) My Summer Vacation

The film I worked on this summer has now been made available for public viewing on Vimeo. It was filmed in July around Sidmouth, England with an intimate cast and crew. I worked with some brilliantly talented people and hopefully will work with them again. The experience was another life changer for me. I had… Read More ›

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54 Year-old Man Dies from Over-Active Imagination, News at Ten…

(9) 010213_1205_54YearoldMa1.jpg

I will hold my hand up and say that the one thing that has never changed about me is my highly over-active imagination. I was born with it, and despite my most valiant attempts to get it to “grow up” it steadfastly refuses to change. The other night, for example, I was just drifting off… Read More ›

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Devils of War (2013): Get Ze Cliche

(10) Unknown

Written and directed by Eli Dorsey, Devils of War is his first feature film. One can only hope that he has learned his lesson with this film and either changes his career choice or makes a better feature film next time. Starring Sunt Coordinator/stuntman Jerry L Buxbaum as the “legendary” leader of a four man… Read More ›

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Chatroom (2010): The World Weird Web


Made in 2010 and directed by Hideo Nakata (the directorial genius who brought us Ringu, The Ring 2 and Dark Water just to mention a few) Chatroom is a small budgeted British thriller set in the virtual chat rooms that still fill the internet. Aaron Johnson (having just finished working on Kick Ass) and Imogen Poots (28… Read More ›

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Dario Argento’s Suspiria (1977): A Cacophony of Sound and Colour


I have been banging on about this film for years. Well, not just the film, but Dario Argento as well. Unless you’re not a fan of horror films or at least horror films made way back in the 1970’s you will have heard of Argento and  his high standing in the horror film community. Since Suspiria is… Read More ›

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And in the News Today, Everything’s Gone a Little Weird


So I get up this morning and as usual I start skimming the web. I am looking for news that I find interesting, funny, exciting, irritating or just strange. This morning I found a wealth of  headlines that  made my eyebrows shoot up towards my almost non-existent hairline. Entire firework display explodes – this was a… Read More ›

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End Call (2008):One Hell of a Phone Bill

(2) 021813_0037_EndCall20081.jpg

Kiyoshi Yamamoto (who is perhaps better known as the cinematics director for the video game Dragon’s Dogma) directs this low budget horror film as a languid and lackadaisical urban myth in treacle. The film starts with a group of four friends talking about a “special” phone number. If you call the number on your mobile phone… Read More ›

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Sukiyaki Western DJANGO (2007): Takashi Mike & Tarantino Ride…

(10) 011813_1312_SukiyakiWes1.jpg

When Tarantino’s Django Unchained opened last December the first thing I thought of was his appearance in the 2007 film Sukiyaki Western DJANGO. This is a film that I had mixed feelings about when I first watched it so I popped it back in my laptop to revisit the film and see if my opinions… Read More ›

Korean Cinema »

Tale of Two Sisters


Another “old” video review of Kim Jee-Woon’s brilliant film. Here’s a link to the trailer -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anF5XiN8QY8 Enjoy!

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Hunger by Michael Grant: A ‘Filling’ Read


Hunger is book number two in Michael Grant‘s continuing story of the survivors of Perdido Beach California. Perdido Beach has been re-christened the FAYZ and it is a dangerous place to live. Still trapped under the bubble, they don’t know if there is a world outside or not. Gone finished with an apocalyptic battle between… Read More ›

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23 Minutes to Sunrise (2012): A Old Fashioned Sort of Film

(2) 23 Minutes to Sunrise (2012): A Old Fashioned Sort of Film

This small budget feature uses a lot of local talent to tell its tale, except for the presence of Eric Roberts who plays a sinister, or at least rather nasty, character who shows up at a diner 23 minutes to sunrise. Roberts’ does nothing outside of his normal range, but damn it, what he does… Read More ›

Modern Western »

The Last Stand (2013) The Western Revisited

(15) The Last Stand Movie Poster

Despite the poor reviews that this film has garnered, I could not wait to see it. I wanted to see it in the cinema, but due to low viewing figures, by the time I could see it, it’s run in the theatres had finished. This film felt like a reworking of two “classic” westerns. High… Read More ›

Mystery »

Cargo (2009): This Swiss Science Fiction Ain’t Cheesy


When you’re a film nut (or geek, or buff, or lover, or add descriptive word of choice here______), you will take a chance on a film you’ve never heard of. Often this unknown film is incredibly cheap, which can indicate that it is laughably bad and worth the paltry purchase price just to watch it… Read More ›

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Black Death (2010): Could be Called Bleak Death


Written by  Dario Poloni (the man who penned the brilliant film Wilderness) and directed by Christopher Smith (Severance, Triangle, Creep) and staring Sean Bean (Black Death,The Lord of the Rings Trilogy), Eddie Redmayne (The Good Shepard, My Week with Marilyn), Carice van Houten (Repo Men, Intruders), John Lynch (The Secret Garden, Sliding Doors), and Tim McInnerny (Severance, Notting Hill). With a pedigree this… Read More ›

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Another Versatile Blogger Nomination??


Just when I thought it was safe to start blogging again, I got nominated by a person I nominated! So I owe a double thank you to Christopher, a self proclaimed blogging noob, over at TRUEMISTERSIX. I also have a small confession to make, I am also a noob when it comes to WordPress! I’ve been… Read More ›

Occult »

Apartment 143 (2011): Legend of Hell House in Shorthand

(12) Unknown

The White family live in a haunted apartment, but that’s nothing new to them, the last house they lived in was haunted as well. Convinced that the vengeful ghost of his dead wife has followed him and their two children to their new home, papa White asks a paranormal team of investigators to find out… Read More ›

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Cinema of Shadows by Michael West

(6) Unknown

When I joined Goodreads.com about a year ago I started receiving recommendations from folks fairly quickly. One of the first few titles that struck a chord with me was Cinema of Shadows by Michael West. Considering that I have a considerable weakness for well written horror, it sounded like it might be worth a look…. Read More ›

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Bicycle versus Car: 0 – 1

(8) Loves Truck Stop

Each time I’ve ridden my, much admired I have to say, red Schwinn to and from town, there have been a considerable amount of drivers who refuse to leave adequate space between their motorized vehicle and my bike. Each time this happens, I fill the air with profanity and either lift one hand to indicate… Read More ›

Philosophical »

Something Big: Something We All Want?

(7) Something Big: Something We All Want

I ordered the DVD for Dean Martin’s Something Big film after realising that I did not have a copy already and that I had not seen it for ages. I love the film, or more accurately, I love the theme of the film. It goes without saying that this would be a personal favourite. I… Read More ›

Political »

The President’s New Gun Control Bill or Sandy Hook Re-visited

(2) 011713_1507_TheNewGunCo1.jpg

So the President has submitted for our consideration a new gun control bill. Just looking at the bare essentials being presented via the internet I don’t really see why the NRA has taken the automatic (pun intended) stance of deriding the Presidents bill. In case you’ve missed it the bill sets up banning automatic weapons,… Read More ›

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Dream House (2011): A Pleasant Surprise

(12) Dream Home (2011): A Pleasant Surprise

The 2011 film Dream House was a pleasant surprise. I had no real intention of watching the film as the marketing on it left a lot to be desired.  But as it was on Sky Movies I decided to give it a go. I’m glad I did.  It turned into a pleasant surprise, despite the… Read More ›

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I Love Kelly Cutrone…

(0) 011613_2149_ILoveKellyC1.jpg

I will sheepishly put my hand up and say that I liked The City; that spin-off of The Hills (that I watched, but did not like as much) that followed wannabe fashionista Whitney Port in her journey to be an image coordinator for Diane Von Furstenburg. After a poor first half season, the show underwent… Read More ›

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Life in the Real Desert: A Day of Rest

(2) Schwinn 700C - my bike

After a busy Saturday spent learning that no one in town really wants to buy anything despite what their signs say and watching the screener of Awaken at Burger King it was decided, by me, to rest on the seventh day of life in the real desert. Although to be quite honest, contrary to what… Read More ›

Religion »

Snake Oil Salesmen


After my post about the evangelical posers and pretenders I was watching some of the uploaded shopping channels on YouTube from television. I suddenly realized that the ‘sales staff’ for the shopping channels could be the first cousins to the evangelical ‘sales staff’ especially in their method of delivery and the attitude of, ‘I know… Read More ›

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Waxwork (1988) Comedy Horror Revisited

(2) Waxwork 1988

I am beginning to love Netflix. If they keep bringing up old classics like Child’s Play and Waxwork, I may ask the channel to marry me. I was overly delighted to see that they had included Waxwork, the 1988 comedy horror and I sat down to revisit a film that I remember loving so much… Read More ›

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Silver Linings Playbook (2012): Almost Old Fashioned Fun

(39) Unknown

I still remember the moment I saw the trailer for this film. Bradley Cooper is “speed” reading a book; he finishes, slams the book shut; looks at the book, looks up and says, “What…the…f***!” The next shot is the book flying through a closed window. If I remember correctly I spat out a mouthful of… Read More ›

Satire »

The Cabin in the Woods (2011): Wolfram and Hart go Big-Time


It may just be me, but the whole film kind of felt like a huge Angel episode. One where Angel and co have already been defeated by ‘Wolf, Ram and Hart’ and are now running the entire world to their own set of skewed rules. It felt like the ‘bad guys’ had won the battle,… Read More ›

Satirical Film »

Trollhunter (2010): Trolls aren’t Just on the Internet


Written and directed by André Øvredal,  Troll Hunter is a cracking good film and it is André Øvredal’s second feature length film. Made on a budget of 3.5 million dollars, it made just over that on it’s theatrical release. The film is a brilliant blend of Norwegian fairy tales and social satire. Considering the small budget the computer generated effects are… Read More ›

Science »

Today Mars, Tomorrow the Universe


Monday was a real red letter day for NASA (You see what I did there?). Their nuclear powered discovery vehicle, the aptly named ‘Curiosity‘ has not only managed to land on Mars but it has sent it’s first pictures back.  Pretty exciting stuff and it’s guaranteed to pique the interest of every ‘wanna-be’ astronaut and space… Read More ›

Science Fiction »

Dark Skies 2013 Oh Look It’s Aliens…Again

(8) Dark Skies Oh Look It's an Alien...Again

Despite the mendacity of the trailers, Dark Skies is not a bad film. In another case where the marketing let the film down before it even opened, it isn’t too surprising that audiences did not get too carried away with a film that has been done before. It is almost a case of “Oh look!… Read More ›

Science Fiction Film »

Pitch Black (2000): The Beginning of Riddick

(24) Unknown

Pitch Black was the first film I ever “googled.” One afternoon while hunting for a new film to watch (new as in one I’d not seen before) I had a vague memory of something I’d seen on the telly. The setting was very dark and these giant “bat-like” things were flying around and killing people…. Read More ›

Slasher »

Venom (2005): Who do You Voodoo…

(0) CeCe and Rachel aka Meagan Good and Laura Ramsey

Directed by Jim Gillespie (D-Tox, I Know What You Did Last Summer) Venom is a voodoo oriented horror film that takes place, appropriately enough, in swamp filled Louisiana. Despite its low rating on IMDb (4.6) I thought the film was actually quite good, it was at least better than Messengers 2: The Scarecrow. The film deals with… Read More ›

Social »

Life in the Real Desert: Where Did All the Hippies Go?

(11) On the road again?

After promising to write about all the Navajo-horse-blanket-jacket-wearing hippies who were frequenting Quartzsite in my Life in the Real Desert “series” they all seem to have disappeared. This leaves the question of just where did all these hippies go? There are still a number of Desert Rats hanging around, but that number has dwindled as… Read More ›

South Korean Horror »

Thirst (2009): It’s In the Blood


There are a lot of people who watched this film simply because it’s by the iconic, cult favourite, South Korean director/auteur – Chan-wook Park. Chan-wook, who also co-wrote the screenplay with  Seo-Gyeong Jeon which is based on the book Thérèse Raquin by Émile Zola, has not disappointed us with his version of a vampire tale. This is completely unlike any… Read More ›

Spaghetti Western »

Django Unchained – A Western Tarantino Style


I got quite  excited when I heard that Quentin Tarantino had written and directed a new film. I got even more excited when I found out it was going to be a western (my favourite type of film). Add to the mix that it is a ‘homage’ to the spaghetti western and its multiple Django… Read More ›

Spanish Horror »

Sleep Tight (2011): Scary Spanish Thriller

(5) Sleep_Tight

Directed by Jaume Balagueró who is the man behind REC, REC 2 , Fragile, and Darkness; so his bona fides in the horror/thriller genre are beyond question. He has not disappointed with his latest entry into the genre with Sleep Tight. Even with such an impressive pedigree of horror films under his belt, Wikipedia states that this is the… Read More ›

Sport »

2012 Olympics…Nero and His Fiddle


As the start date of the 2012 Olympics draws near, I cannot help but look at the money that was spent and is being spent by the government and shudder. The state of the English economy is appalling. Along with every other country in the world England is struggling to meet it’s financial obligations. Daily… Read More ›

Super Hero Film »

The Amazing Spider-Man Returns…Again


With the 2002 release of Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst as ‘Spidey‘ and his love interest, I felt that Sam Raimi had done justice to Stan “The Man” Lee’s comic creation. Two more films quickly followed and a fourth was rumoured to be in the works. Then, nothing. The scuttlebutt was that differences of opinion between Maguire… Read More ›

Supernatural »

The Wide Game by Michael West: Top-Notch Terror

(7) 10563088

Author Michael West has exceeded himself on this re-release of his first novel, The Wide Game. When this book was originally published it was only 249 pages long and had (presumably) a huge amount cut by the publishing house. Weighing in at a full 395 pages you get a lot of bang for your bucks… Read More ›

Technology »

I’ll Have the McTest-Tube Burger With Cheese…


So, they are working on a test-tube hamburger are they? Well that’s what CNN say’s anyway. I had a quick look at their article and found out that a couple of scientists are both ‘racing’ to develop their own brand of ‘man-made’ meat. Scientist Gabor Forgacs from the University of Missouri (otherwise known as the ‘Show Me’… Read More ›

Teen Horror »

Piñata: Survival Island (2002): Unintentionally Funny

(4) 021813_1845_PiataSurviv1.jpg

“Many years ago, a small, isolated tribe were cursed by spirits for their sins. One of the tribesmen crafts a piñata, to which the tribe put their evil into and set afloat in the ocean. The curse was lifted from the tribe, however if the piñata was to be disturbed, an evil would be unleashed.”… Read More ›

Television »

Ben Woolf American Horror Story Meep in Critical Condition

(0) Actor Ben Woolf talking about his role of Meep

Ben Woolf American Horror Story’s Meep, the freakshow geek, is in critical condition after being struck by a car’s side mirror while crossing the street. Various entertainment news agencies have reported that the 4 foot 4 inch tall performer was hit while jaywalking at 9 p.m. on 19 February 2015… Read the rest of the… Read More ›

Thinking Out Loud »

Identity (or Something Like it)

(4) DSCF0121

All our lives we as a race or as a people search for our place in this world. Some folks would call this a search for their identity or their purpose in life. Since people can be broken down into individual compartments of personality traits, emotions, wants, needs and aspirations it is easy to see… Read More ›

Thriller »

Walled In (2009): Architectural Deviancy and Murder

(2) Unknown-1

As director Gilles Paquet-Brenner‘s debut feature in the US and based on a French novel by Serge Brussolo, Walled In was perhaps not the best vehicle to show the celebrated French director’s talents. While not a bad film, it certainly doesn’t dazzle or overly impress. With a boogeyman who stays (mostly) off-screen that is a maniacal architect… Read More ›

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Leaked Emails Embarrass Guardian Liberty Voice Part 1

(2) Featured Image -- 12583

Originally posted on The Lyrical Elitist:
Guardian Liberty Voice, a Las Vegas-based online news and information platform, was exposed today in the release of private emails between management. In recent news, leaked emails brought on the resignation of Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony. In the Guardian Liberty Voice emails, both newly-appointed President Donna Martin and Vice President of…

Urban Exploration »

Urban Exploration and Industrial Estates: The New Ghost Towns?

(10) All painted up and no where to go.

My daughter has had a fascination with old dilapidated buildings since college. I remember taking her out on photo shoots of the many Industrial Estates around the area that had lost a lot of business to a continuing economic downturn. Considering that I used to patrol a lot of these estates when I worked in… Read More ›

Western »

Westworld (1973) The Original Terminator


Written and directed by Michael Crichton and starring Yul Brynner, Richard Benjamin, James Brolin, Dick Van Patten and Majel Barrett in a cameo as the Brothel owning Miss Carrie, Westworld  was a breath of fresh air in the Science Fiction genre. Released in 1973 the film has admittedly not aged as well as it could have. Despite having… Read More ›

World Cinema »

Hide and Seek [Sum-bakk-og-jil] 2013 (Review and Trailer)

(0) Hide and Seek

Written and Directed by Jung Huh this offering appears to be his first ever feature film and Hide and Seek is set against an urban myth of squatters in South Korea who live illegally in homes while the owners are still in them. On top of this myth, is the story of a successful business owner… Read More ›

World News »

America the Troubled

(19) Unknown-1

It’s been a very violent and bloody week for this country. First a bloody ending to a national runners event that marred the day by killing and injuring innocent people taking part in the Boston Marathon and Patriot day. That all occurred on the 15th of April this year. Two days later, a fertiliser plant… Read More ›

Writing »

Counting Flowers on the Wall…

(11) Snake Oil Salesman

Caught betwixt and between leaves one a little exasperated and not a little depressed. With limited funds there are limited opportunities, this latest life-change has left me feeling a little like the old Statler Bros song lyric: “counting flowers on the wall…” I have recently left a publication which provided a “mast” to fly my… Read More ›

Young adult »

Gone By Michael Grant – But Not Over


Written by Michael Grant and first published in 2008, Gone is a brilliant start to a series about the youthful survivors of a shattered California town. Set in the fictional seaside town of Perdida Beach. The book starts with the literal disappearance of a teacher in front of her class full of young students. There… Read More ›


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